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FleaDerm | Herbal Ointment for Pets | Herbal cream soothes discomfort from flea bites
  • Soothe the skin surrounding common flea bites in pets
  • Support skin health naturally
  • Reduce scratching
After cleansing, apply to affected area three times daily.
One 25 ml tube
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All it takes is just one flea…

Fleas are extremely common parasites among dogs and cats.  Fleas bite their host animal and suck the blood for nutrition, leaving saliva behind under the pet’s skin.  Recent scientific studies have shown that flea saliva contains around 15 different allergens – making life very uncomfortable for unfortunate dogs and cats! For some animals, all it takes is just one flea to set up a flurry of scratching and discomfort – also affecting the condition of your poor pet’s coat!

Fleas flourish in moist, warm conditions and are often a problem in the coastal areas. Each female flea will lay 20 eggs at each time which means that in her lifetime she will lay between 400 and 500 eggs (1 flea has the potential to produce 500 fleas!!!!!) During unfavorable conditions such as cold winters the pupae stage of the lifecycle may survive for several months and the adult flea can also go without a blood meal for several months, (no wonder these are tough little critters to get rid of)

As if causing itchy, painful bites on your pet wasn’t bad enough, these jumping insects also transmit tapeworm. So, remember to de-worm your pet at the same time as treating for fleas. 

The natural way

The obvious first step is to do as much as possible to keep your pet flea free. To get to the root cause of this condition it is important to rid your pet of fleas entirely. As a conscientious, holistic pet owner you are no doubt aware of the potential side effects of using topical pesticideson your furry friend in order to control fleas. 

Unfortunately when your pet has a bad reaction to flea bites, the pesticide is the lesser evil as all the FleaDerm in the world will bring your pet no relief if those pesky fleas keep on biting.  Please use a veterinary prescribed flea repellent (preferably one that is bad for the fleas but not for your pet!) and follow directions closely.

Certain herbs and other natural ingredients have been used by herbalists for thousands of years and can be of great benefit to your pet. These remedies can help to soothe the skin and support skin healthwithout the risk of side effects, making them a safe solution for your pet.

What is FleaDerm?

FleaDerm contains a blend of natural ingredients in an herbal cream and will effectively soothe the skin around the site of a flea bite.


FleaDerm comes in a topical cream form and is easily applied directly onto the skin.

NOTE: For external use only.

A strong immune system will help to ward off the flea allergy and is known to make pets less susceptible to infestation by fleas and other parasites.

Get optimum results with regular use

While conventional medicine works by often treating just the symptoms, natural medicine strives to create holistic balance. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural ingredients in our remedies support overall health and functioning.  


How long until I see results?

FleaDerm has excellent soothing properties that get to work right away. Continued improvement should be noted with ongoing use.

How long will a bottle last?

One 25 ml tube of FleaDerm will last for up to 30 days with daily use, depending on the size and needs of your pet.


FleaDerm is a 100% herbal formula and contains the following ingredients in therapeutic dosage: Cleavers, Chamomile, Graphites (30C), Marigold, Witch hazel.

  • German Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) was regarded by ancient Anglo-Saxons as one of the nine sacred herbs given to the world.  In modern times it is widely used as a gentle cleansing and soothing herb. (Cirigliano M. "Chamomile for use as anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and sedatives." Altern Med Alert 1999;29(9):100-104.)(Glowania, H. J., Raulin, C., and Swoboda, M. "Effect of chamomile on wound healing-a clinical double-blind study". Z.Hautkr. 9-1-1987;62(17):1262, 1267-1271.)
  • Cleavers (Galium aperine) is an herb which has been used in folk medicine for many centuries as a cleansing tonic and lymphatic cleanser and blood purifier. Regular use helps to support skin health and comfort.
  • Marigold (Calendula officinalis) is an herbal ingredient also very beneficial to the skin. (Dietz V. "Calendula preparations to treat cutaneous infections." Alt Med Alert 1998;1(12):140-142.)( Della Loggia R., et al. "Topical anti-inflammatory activity of Calendula officinalis extracts." Planta Med 1990;56:658.)
  • Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginianum) has long been used by Native Americans to support and maintain skin health. (Masaki, H., Atsumi, T., and Sakurai, H. "Protective activity of hamamelitannin on cell damage of murine skin fibroblasts induced by UVB irradiation." J.Dermatol.Sci. 1995;10(1):25-34. ) (Iauk, L., Lo Bue, A. M., Milazzo, I., Rapisarda, A., and Blandino, G. "Antibacterial activity of medicinal plant extracts against periodontopathic bacteria." Phytother.Res. 2003; 17(6):599-604.)
  • Graphites (30C) not only helps to promote skin health, but also assists with natural skin hydration due to its excellent skin conditioning properties.

“…I am just so excited about my Jack Russell's recovery, she is allergic to fleas and she hardly had any hair on her back, despite spraying her with …[over the counter flea medication] and spraying the basket and carpets …and washing her bedding every week, there was still an itch and constant biting. Thanks to your products, Immunity and Liver Support, Clenzor and FleaDerm has all her hair grown back. I am just sorry I did not take a before and after photo…. She is lively and running around and I cannot say thank you enough. Now my husband believes in your products, as it has been less than a month and we have had wonderful results. … Thank you once again. Will order again as soon as we run out, we no longer need the Clenzor or FleaDerm, but keep her on the Immunity and Liver support to make sure she is immune to fleas. Thank you so very, very much.”

— Edith H., Port Elizabeth

“…Although I always use every available product to keep (Cassie) clear of fleas, it just takes a chance encounter with one flea (A common occurrence in a house with lots of pets)… I used your FleaDerm for her and wanted to let you know what a wonderful difference it has made to her skin- it soothed the flea bites quickly… Thank you- I am re-ordering this product today!”

— Marjorie

“Your FleaDerm remedy has helped my Staffie so much! …… After embarking on an intensive flea-ridding program as well as using your FleaDerm cream on her skin the situation has almost completely resolved…..It is fantastic to see her comfortable and playful again - thanks for a wonderful remedy!”

— Holly

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