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Arthritis Remedies
Combo Offer Arthrella
Arthrella + Shallaki 400 mg
5 pack (300 tablets) + 5 packs (250 tablets)
orginal price US$138.00
combo price US$107.00
(saving of 23 %)
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Combo Offer Rumalaya Forte
Rheumatil Tablets+ Rheumatil Gel
5 packs (300 tablets) + 6 packs (12 tubes)
orginal price US$101.50
combo price US$79.50
(saving of 22 % )
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Improve Sexual Performance
Combo Neo and Shilajit Gold
Neo + Shilajit Gold
4 packs (300 tablets) + 5 packs (150 tablets)
orginal price US$129.40
combo price US$98.00
(saving of 24 %)
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We have launched "Combo Offers" to provide our customers savings in packs related to their chosen health topic and remedies. We have made a small beginning with these few offers. in case you want a specific health topic or remedy to be included please mail us your suggestions at, and we will be glad to add that to our list.
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