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Herbal Remedies > Femalite™
Femalite™ | PMS | Mood Elevator
  • Helps maintain a stable mood before and during the menstrual period
  • Supports feelings of well-being
  • Addresses common ‘blues’ experienced during the premenstrual period
  • Supports healthy fluid balance
  • Helps soothe minor ‘cramps’ and ‘aches’ commonly related to the premenstrual and menstrual period
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    What is Femalite?

    Femalite is a 100% safe, non-addictive natural herbal remedy formulated by our clinical psychologist to help maintain stable mood and hormonal balance before menstruation, as well as provide a soothing benefit for those common monthly ‘aches and pains’ during menstruation itself. It contains three well-known, soothing and herbal ingredients – Fennel, Pulsatilla and Melissa.

    Available in convenient drop form, Femalite may be taken when needed for support during the premenstrual and menstrual period. Simply added to juice or water and sipped, Femalite is pleasant tasting.

    The remedy remains true to the whole spectrum method of herbal extraction, ensuring the balance of all the ingredients contained in the remedy. This method of manufacture also significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects and maintains all ingredients in perfect balance – exactly as nature intended!

    All Native Remedies products are manufactured in a FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of an expert team of herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths and responsible pharmacists.

    It’s ‘THAT’ time of the month again…

    Most women are a little more irritable than usual the days before their menstrual cycle begins. In fact, approximately 80% of women suffer from physical and emotional symptoms just before their period. Symptoms may vary from woman to woman and from month to month.

    Not all women have premenstrual symptoms, but millions have their lives regularly disrupted to some extent. The symptoms tend to taper off with menstruation and women remain symptom-free until the two weeks or so prior to the next menstrual period.

    There are many ways that women can help themselves to cope with the weeks before their period. Some self-care tips include:

  • Eating a healthy, well balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruit and whole grains
  • Exercising regularly
  • Maintaining regular sleep patterns
  • Practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga or deep breathing exercises
  • Adding calcium and vitamins to the diet
  • A hot water bottle or castor oil pack helps with pain and cramping
  • A hot bubble bath and aromatherapy massage
  • Recording and tracking PMS symptoms in a journal
  • A good support system offering understanding and empathy also helps – a spouse, partner, family members or friends
  • The natural way

    Herbal and homeopathic remedies have been used by herbalists for centuries to support female reproductive health throughout the menstrual cycle, helping to maintain normal emotional and hormonal balance during PMS.

    How do I use Femalite?


    Dilute drops in a small amount of water, juice or milk.

    Adults & Children 13+: Take 0.25 mL 3-4 times daily.

    Children 10-12: Take 0.25 mL 2-3 times daily.


    If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children.

    How long until I see benefits?

    Femalite helps to support a stable mood.

    How long will a bottle last?

    pOne 59 mL bottle of Femalite will last through four to five menstrual cycles, depending on frequency of use.


    What are the ingredients?

    Femalite is 100% herbal and contains the following ingredients: Pasque flower, Lemon balm, Sweet fennel.

    Sweet Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) is used to support water balance.

    Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris) is a soothing and supportive herb for the female reproductive system.

    Lemon Balm (Melissa officinale) has been studied for its ability to promote a balanced mood and a calm state of mind (Kennedy, D. O., Wake, G., Savelev, S., Tildesley, N. T., Perry, E. K., Wesnes, K. A., and Scholey, A. B. "Modulation of mood and cognitive performance following acute administration of single doses of Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm) with human CNS nicotinic and muscarinic receptor-binding properties." Neuropsychopharmacology 2003; 28(10):1871-1881).

    Native Remedies is the leading brand of natural remedies known for safe, effective and quality products. Our remedies are formulated by natural health experts and produced under the highest pharmaceutical standards in FDA-registered and cGMP compliant facilities. We utilize the finest quality ingredients in a Full Spectrum manufacturing process that doesn’t use any chemical solvents. We use the whole herb, not just a standardized extract, for a more potent, easily ingested remedy that is easy for the body to absorb.

    Native Remedies herbal products never contain any animal products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and are not tested on animals. Our products are always backed by our One Year Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Web site or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your pediatrician or family doctor. Please consult a doctor with any questions or concerns you might have regarding your or your child’s condition.


    What a blessing

    Wow! What an amazing product. I was skeptical but was willing to try anything to make my PMS symptoms go away. They only seemed to be getting worse when I found this website. I used to feel out of control, anxious, edgy, snappy and extremely moody prior to my period. Sometimes I even felt paranoid. I started taking this product and have gone through 2 cycles since. What a blessing. My husband was in complete shock that two months had gone by with no emotional flare ups caused by my PMS symptoms. It has truly been a life changing experience and it feels good to be normal again. Thanks you for this wonderful product! I would recommend this to anybody.


    I can feel the difference

    I had such bad PMS - every month I cried and nothing seemed to go right for me. My boyfriend said I was like a different person. I don't think he could understand and we would have one fight after the other. Since taking Femalite I can feel the difference. I don't feel so moody and I can talk about how I feel rather than yelling and crying. Thanks for all your help.


    Have PMS? You have to try this!

    This product absolutely Rocks! It immediately and completely alleviates that inner buzzing irritability feeling that seems to never go away during that time of month. Highly recommend this product- superior over all that I have tried in the past.


    Excellent product!

    This product works great and fast. I will keep ordering it.


    Femallite is not just for PMS---it helps my migraines too!!!

    I have always had PMS symptoms, but after having children I also get migraines at the end of my cycle right before starting my next cycle. I purchased Femalite purely to help with my PMS symptoms. I had NO idea it would help with the migraines!!! I take this starting on day 14 of my cycle twice a day. If I am consistant I will not get any migraines. If I miss a few doses I may get a migraine, but it will not be a really severe one. Also, it totally takes away my PMS crankiness!!! This is a lifesaver!!!


    The first ever to really work!

    Since the first time I tried Native remedies products, I've been a believer.
    I've tried numerous products to relieve the symptoms of my very strong PMS but nothing seemed to really work.
    My symptoms include: irritability, impatience, snapping, etc...
    When I first started the product, I saw an immediate result that went throughout my PMS period, if and only if i'm consistent taking it. So consistence is the key here but it really and truly WORKS!! :))
    Thank you NR


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